Anchor Lutheran School

Technology Integration

At Anchor Lutheran, technology integration is serious business. We believe an appropriate 21st Century Education requires technology to be incorporated into nearly all programs of the school. We are actively moving forward in living this out at Anchor. Our Junior High classroom was the first in Anchorage to fully implement a one-to-one instructional program back in 2011, using iPads to replace nearly all of our previous textbooks with online and digital content. Not only did student backpacks become much lighter, students demonstrated enhanced motivation, nearly non-existent late and missing assignments, and excellent opportunities for collaboration in learning. As of the fall of 2013 we moved the Junior High students to MacBook Air laptop computers, again issued one-to-one for both school and home use, while now the 5th & 6th Grade students are one-to-one with iPads. Additional iPads are in use throughout the K-4 levels, with each classroom having class iPads while a full class set is shared between them all. Further technology integration is demonstrated through interactive whiteboard technologies being incorporated into all K-8 classrooms, and a number of laptop computers are still used with the 4th Graders for practicing keyboarding as well as some basic computer activities. Our goal is to provide instruction that is technologically relevant for our society, continually adapting as time goes by, so that students may benefit from a Christian educational experience that comes to them in a manner that is relevant to the rest of their daily experience.

Students may disconnect from a school that expects them to “power down” when they come in each day, using paper, pencil, lectures and textbooks as their primary learning vehicles. We are certain that a rich and diverse experience that integrates technology throughout the learning experience increases student motivation and excitement for learning, and better prepares them for the world we live in as well as what changes are to come.

Our commitment to technology in education is further demonstrated by the background and continuing training of our staff. Our school principal has a Master’s degree in Educational Technology and Design and prior to moving into administration implemented one to one technology in our Jr. High, and continues to keep technology at the forefront of school goals and growth. All of our teachers continue to grow in their skills with technology through classes, workshops, and in-service training. Two other of our teachers (Mrs. Goerisch - 1st Grade, Mrs. Josephson - 2nd Grade) hold Masters Degrees in Educational Technology & Design.

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