Anchor Lutheran School

Homeschool Partnership

Because “One Size Does NOT Fit All”

At Anchor Lutheran School, we understand that a traditional school setting is not the preferred choice for some families. Accordingly, families sometimes feel the right choice for their children is to homeschool. We believe parents hold the primary responsibility for their children’s education, and we congratulate those who are able to make such a choice and succeed in providing an educational program in which their children thrive.

Homeschooling does not mean there is no place for your family at Anchor. We believe all children need the growth that comes through positive social interaction with their peers, something which we provide exceptionally well in our Christian environment. Additionally, we believe some subject areas are particularly more difficult than others for providing a quality homeschool experience. We help address both these challenges through an option designed specifically for homeschooled children.

The documents below explain the details, but to state briefly: As space allows, we invite homeschooled students to be enrolled in a choice of four subjects: Music, Physical Education, Art, Choir, and, for 4th-8th Graders, Band. Families pay a set fee for just the options they select. Once accepted in any of these courses, the children are considered part-time enrolled at our school, and may attend all other functions beyond the coursework: field trips, assemblies, class parties, Chapel, and extracurricular activities (additional fees apply for some of these functions). Your family becomes part of the Anchor Family.

Whether to supplement the homeschool program you prefer, or as a way to introduce your child to our school in anticipation of eventual full enrollment, we welcome the opportunity to serve through this program. Click the documents below to explore more fully, then print and complete the Enrollment application if interested in partnering with us.