Anchor Lutheran School

Our History and Our Future

A Brief History Of Our School

Nearly 40 years ago three local Lutheran congregations of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS) came together to form the Lutheran School Association of Anchorage for the purpose of opening the first LCMS Lutheran School in Alaska. With the establishment of Anchor Lutheran School, our community joined a tradition of Lutheran education in the LCMS that is over 160 years old in our nation. Here is a brief synopsis of the history of ALS.

1979 - Anchor Lutheran School begins with Kindergarten, as well as before and after school care (Child Watch), operated at Zion Lutheran Church.

1980 - Les Daenzer is Called to serve as the first Principal for Anchor Lutheran. First and Second Grade classrooms are added.

1982 - The school expanded to a second location, utilizing Anchorage Lutheran Church’s facilities in addition to Zion. Two Kindergarten classrooms and two First Grade classrooms were operated at Anchorage Lutheran, while Second - Fifth Grades were located at Zion.

1983 - Sixth Grade was added to the ALS program.

1985 - The Lutheran Center facility was completed, built as the new home for both Anchor Lutheran School and Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church.

1988 - Anchor brings in its second Principal, Karl Sattler. An Early Childhood Daycare program is added for children aged 3, 4, & 5, with Kevin Linnell as Director. Also, Anchor becomes one of the first non-public schools in Alaska to be accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges (now AdvancED).

1990 - Betty Robards begins service as Preschool / Child Care / Child Watch Program Director.

1995 - Keith Brosz joins the staff as School Administrator/Principal, as well as teacher for the newly established Jr. High classroom. This establishes our current levels of Preschool through Grade 8.

1999 - Anchor earns National Lutheran Schools Accreditation.

2009 - Grace Marsh moves from classroom lead teacher to serve as both teacher and our Preschool / Child Care / Child Watch Program Director. She moves to full time Director the next year.

2010 - Jim Scriven joins Anchor as its fourth School Administrator/Principal.

2011 - Anchor becomes first school in community to fully implement iPads in the classroom for Junior High students, replacing nearly all textbooks.

2011 - Anchor institutes its school band program. All 4th Graders have a year of band, instruments provided by the school. 5th - 8th Graders may continue in band as an elective option.

2013 - Anchor continues its one-to-one technology initiative at the Junior High level, issuing each 7th & 8th Grader a MacBook Air laptop computer as their primary learning device. iPads are now in use throughout K-6.

2014 - Anchor adds a second Junior High classroom and departmentalizes its upper grade program.

2015 - Allison Chandler becomes Anchor’s fifth School Administrator/Principal.

2017 - Natalie Dean becomes Anchor’s first Called Preschool / Child Care / Child Watch Program Director.

Moving Decisively Into The Future

The Anchor Lutheran School family wants the best possible education and growth experience for our children/students. We believe we are providing an exceptional experience today, but we continue to plan for improvements in the years ahead. Our Strategic Plan identifies numerous objectives in the coming years, some of the most significant of which are noted below:

Annually - Continue to invest in instructional technologies, as well as appropriate professional training for our staff members in its implementation. This is how we have such a rich technology program for our students, and how it shall continue into the future.

By 2019 - Add Kitchen Staff, increasing hot lunch program to every day of the week (currently offered three days per week). Begin our High School program in the Fall with our first class of Freshmen.

By 2020 -Begin facility expansion construction, including additional classrooms, gymnasium, performance stage, additional offices, and new playground, allowing for expansion through high school as well as growth of the early childhood program (another classroom).

The future is never written in stone. We will continue review our strategic plan and adjust as appropriate to the changing needs of the Anchor Lutheran family. With the participation of all who are connected to ALS, these objectives and much, much more are within our reach. We’re excited at the benefits such growth will bring to our students, and all who are part of Anchor Lutheran.

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