Anchor Lutheran School

Frequently Asked Questions

“Lutheran” is simply one of many Christian church denominations around the world, and the oldest of the Protestant Christian denominations. There are even many different types of Lutherans, but all of them are Christians who believe God loves us and chose to save us from our sins through His Son Jesus, because God is loving, not because of anything we do or ever could have done to earn God’s approval.

Our school is for anyone who wants their children to grow and learn surrounded by Christian educators who incorporate faith in Jesus into all we do. Because of our faith, we strive to use our God-given abilities to provide a school of the best possible quality, one that nurtures and supports students in the discovery and development of their own abilities, surrounded by unconditional love.
Absolutely not. Our school is unapologetically Christian in nature, but anyone who would value an academic experience in a Christian environment, including additional activities like studying the Bible, daily prayer time, practicing kindness and love for others, and getting involved in community service all because of what God has already done for us will find Anchor a terrific place to be. Our current student body is made up of a wide variety of church backgrounds: 15% are Lutheran, 23% attend Christian churches not affiliated with any particular denomination, 20% belong to one of the many other Protestant Christian denominations (Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, etc.), 5% are Catholic, and 27% do not currently have a specific church they regularly attend.
No, and with good reason. Schools that offer such discounts have to cover their costs in some other manner, typically by inflating the cost for the first child or only child in a family in order to offset the discount offered for multiple children from a family. Thus, families with only one child pay much more than ought to be necessary in order to subsidize the costs for those families who have a second or third child paying much less (even if they could have afforded full tuition for all their children). Rather than have such a program, we charge one flat rate across the board, K-8, and then offer a need-based financial aid program. Any family may apply for a financial aid grant through our objective online process, and qualifying families receive grants to bridge the gap between full tuition and what the families can actually afford.

Just considering our homeroom teachers, we currently enjoy a 13:1 ratio. Most schools also include any specialty teachers in that ratio. In our case, we have a music teacher and physical education & Spanish teacher. Adding them in reduces our ratio to 10:1. Either way you count it, our students receive an excellent level of personal care!

Our goal is to keep classrooms at no more than 22 students. For Kindergarten, we typically choose to limit the class to just 20 students. Exceptions to these caps are rare, and only for extenuating circumstances. We value the greater attention and family-like atmosphere we can maintain through smaller classroom sizes.

Not at this time. We follow a modest dress code that keeps the focus on learning, not attention-seeking, while still allowing students to be individuals. You may find the complete dress code in our Parent & Student Handbook, available for download elsewhere on this website.
Daily faith studies are a regular part of our curriculum, focused on learning the stories and teachings of the Bible. We also include daily devotions and prayer in our classroom activities, and we join together as a whole school once each week for a 30-minute Chapel worship service.
Hot lunch is offered three days each week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Everyone brings lunch from home on Mondays and Fridays at this time. Microwaves are available in the classrooms for quick heating of food.
Yes! We operate an excellent, state-licensed K-6 before and after care service, our Child Watch program. Care is offered before school starting at 7:00 and after school until 6:00. Child Watch also operates full days on most non-school days, and runs a terrific summer program. Families are charged based upon hours of use each month.
Yes. However, we mostly avoid fundraising that involves having our students or parents trying to go out and sell things (candy, magazines, gift wrap). We all have better things to do with our time and resources! We focus our fundraising on direct support as well as on events that draw us together socially. We currently have two primary fundraisers: an auction that falls sometime in the first half of the school year and then an annual gift drive when supporters make a direct donation to our school ministry. Fundraising allows us to provide much more for our students than we could possibly accomplish through tuition alone.
We’d love to do this! Following our strategic plan, we are in the initial phases of a significant facility expansion project that will allow us to add high school to our program. We anticipate beginning to offer high school at a satellite campus in the fall of 2019, moving the high schoolers on site as we complete our expansion project. We look forward to providing the high school option for our families in the unique way that only a Lutheran School provides.