Anchor Lutheran School

About our Early Childhood

Children ages 3-5 who have mastered self-restroom skills are eligible for the Early Childhood Program (Child Care). This is a full day Christian daycare program featuring a rich stimulating preschool curriculum through the morning along with engaging and socially nurturing child care activities in the early morning and throughout the afternoon. Our program includes age-appropriate and developmentally sound activities that facilitate academic growth and development, such as art, music, free-play, Bible stories, devotions, field trips and outdoor play. We work to instill self-confidence, a sense of worth as a child of our Heavenly Father, and a thorough preparation for success in Kindergarten and beyond, while building a sound faith foundation in God that will empower our children to make positive life choices day by day. Child Care opens each day at 7 a.m. and operates as late as 6 p.m. The program operates through all twelve months of the year, and during most school in-service days and breaks. Child Care is available on both full time and part time basis; for part time care, families must select daily or hourly rates, and must designate the days of intended use by the 15th of the previous month. For more details, click here for our Parent Handbook.


All programs at Anchor Lutheran share the desire and responsibility to provide a sound Christian environment that strives to nurture each child treating them with love and respect. Sharing with children the message of love and forgiveness given to us by our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus, is an integral part of all programs. The purpose of our Early Childhood Program is to provide a safe, age and developmentally appropriate environment that enhances students development and learning.


Our program goals include striving to instill self-confidence, to build self-esteem and to help provide for the growth and development of each child. We work to assist children in developing school readiness, faith in God and the ability to make positive life choices.

Developmentally Appropriate Activities

Your child will be assigned a specific classroom based on your child’s date of birth. The staff members plan schedules, weekly themes, and age appropriate learning activities based on the developmental level of the group.

Chapel & Prayer

Participants of our Early Childhood program will join the rest of Anchor Lutheran School for chapel weekly. Spiritual songs and a short message will be shared. Parents are welcome to join us Wednesdays at 9:10 a.m. for chapel.

Additionally each day, bible stories are shared in class. Prayers are said before snack and lunch.


We provide healthy snacks each morning and afternoon. Each snack consists of two components from the following list: a dairy or protein product, a grain product, a vegetable, a fruit, fruit juice or milk. Please remember to indicate on the application form if your child has any food allergies. We will substitute another food or drink if needed or ask you to provide snacks for your child in the case of extreme allergic reactions.


Anchor Lutheran School Early Childhood Program does not have a hot lunch option. We ask that you send a lunch with your child. We have a refrigerator, a hot water tap, and a microwave if your child needs lunch heated. Please send utensils as needed.

Nutritious lunches are important in helping children grow and learn. We urge you to send a lunch that meets USDA requirements, which include:

  • Protein(meat,cheese,egg,fish or peanutbutter)
  • Bread (or other grain product)
  • Milk
  • Two fruits,vegetables,or one of each.

  • We also ask that you only send one dessert with your child, for example if you send cookies in the lunch do not also send candy. We will encourage your child to eat most of their “healthy” food before they eat their sweet treat.

    Program Size and Ratios

    The licensed program is presently limited to a maximum of 155 children. Early Childhood classroom group size is twenty students per classroom. An adult to child ratio of 1 to 10 is always met or exceeded. Your child is assigned to one of our four classrooms and staff based on his/her age.